Config & Customisation

You can configure the script inside config.lua. Most of the config options are self-explanatory, but this guide should explain most options anyway.

Highlighted Jobs

  • The color of each highlighted job must be a hex code

  • countOnDutyOnly will display the total players in that whitelisted job that are currently set as on duty (⚠️ QBCore only)

  • Icons are from - paste the name of the icon (without the bi- prefix) to change it

  • ShowAdminBadges will either hide or show orange stars next to players who have admin or god status

  • AdminBadgeIcon uses the same bootstrap icons as above

  • You can set multiple jobs in one highlighted job counter: for example, if you have multiple mechanic jobs you can do: job = {"mechanic", "mechanic2"}

  • The name can be changed by customising Config.ServerName.

  • You can change the icon displayed in the top left by replacing the png at /html/my-logo.png.

The image that you change to MUST be a .png and it must be a square aspect ratio.

Key Bind

  • Config.KeyBind is the default key bind for all players. Individual players can change it to their liking by going into Settings > Key Bindings > FiveM > (jg-scoreboard) Open Scoreboard in-game.

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