Due to the number of files changed, the developer highly recommends that you perform a full reinstall of the script to ensure everything works smoothly!


  • Fix vehicle labels with duplicate make names & displaying hashes

  • Fix teleport exploit when trying to enter an empty garage interior

  • Fix vreturn command

  • Fix issue where job/gang garages with multiple jobs couldn't store vehicles

  • Unescrowed cl-locations.lua and set Z height to 4.0 by default

  • Disable interior garages for sea & air garages (for now)

  • Fix players going into negative balance when paying for impound & return fees

  • Added missing ti_fuel integration code

  • Disable functionality for people who don't want to update JG Mech/Dealerships

  • Improve AdvancedParking integration

Changed Files

  • client/cl-garage.lua

  • client/cl-impound.lua

  • client/cl-interior.lua

  • client/cl-locations.lua

  • client/cl-main.lua

  • framework/cl-functions.lua

  • framework/main.lua

  • framework/sv-functions.lua

  • fxmanifest.lua

  • server/sv-garage.lua

  • server/sv-main.lua

  • server/sv-spawn.lua

  • server/sv-vehicle.lua

  • shared/main.lua

  • fxmanifest.lua

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