Transferring Vehicles

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Between Players

By default, players can transfer their vehicle to any player that's online, from a dropdown list. The player does not have to accept the transfer.

To hide names to prevent metagaming: Config.TransferHidePlayerNames = false

To disable the feature, see Disabling Transfers

🅿️ Between Garages

Vehicles are available from the garage they were last stored in. By default though, players can transfer vehicles between garages for their convenience for a configurable fee.

Adjust the fee: Config.GarageVehicleTransferCost

To disable the feature, see Disabling Transfers

🛑 Blacklist Transfers Between Players

You may want to allow transfers between players, but prevent this for certain vehicles (such as donator or other sensitive vehicles). This is super simple to do - simply add the spawn code of the vehicle to Config.PlayerTransferBlacklist

Config.PlayerTransferBlacklist = {

Disabling Transfers

Config.EnableTransfers = {
  betweenGarages = false, -- disables transfers between garages
  betweenPlayers = false -- disables transfers between players

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