Due to the number of files changed, the developer highly recommends that you perform a full reinstall of the script to ensure everything works smoothly!


  • You no longer go invisible/get stuck in another realm (bucketing bugs/race condition)

  • Vehicle props not updating after purchase on some DB configurations

  • Vehicles spawning under the map when using server-sided spawning

  • Fixed crash when purchasing a vehicle for a society

  • Fixed issue where commission wouldn't be paid after direct sale

  • Optimised complex vehicle_sales SQL query


  • Improved Spanish translation

  • Added missing direct sale translations

  • "Dealer" is now "Sales rep"

Changed Files

  • client/cl-direct-sales.lua

  • client/cl-management.lua

  • client/cl-purchase.lua

  • client/cl-showroom.lua

  • client/cl-test-drive.lua

  • config-cl.lua

  • framework/sv-functions.lua

  • server/sv-direct-sales.lua

  • server/sv-finance.lua

  • server/sv-main.lua

  • server/sv-management.lua

  • server/sv-purchase.lua

  • server/sv-showroom.lua

  • server/sv-test-drive.lua

  • web (entire folder)

  • locales (translations modified)

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