• Fix drowing/dying/glitches when in showroom

  • Plate index is now always white when purchasing vehicle

  • Vehicle keys, modifications and events all occur after vehicle is registered in DB

  • Fix text in UI from highlighting when clicking buttons too fast

  • Customisable permission groups (sv-functions.lua -> Framework.Server.IsAdmin)

  • Adding of vehicle to DB is open source to aid with standalone usage

  • Minimap and HUD manipulation is open source (cl-functions.lua -> Framework.Client.ToggleHud)

  • Fix page resetting when editing vehicles in /dealeradmin

  • Loading state to prevent UI lag when model is loading

  • Limit number of active financed vehicles per player Config.MaxFinancedVehiclesPerPlayer

  • Discord Webhooks for 5 different event types

  • Fix vehicle ordering time exploit

  • Fixed Configurator category bugs

Files Changed

/client (whole folder)
/server (whole folder)
/framework (whole folder)
/web (whole folder)
/locales (whole folder)
+ config-cl.lua
+ config-sv.lua

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