Due to the number of files changed, the developer highly recommends that you perform a full reinstall of the script to ensure everything works smoothly!


  • Added all missing locales (mostly management & employees)

  • %n error with locales text replacement

  • Turbo not sticking in tablet

  • Money from tuning orders not going into society fund

  • UI crash when using dyno share sheet, sending an invoice or using lighting controller

  • "Stop vehicle first" should happen less often or when the vehicle isn't actually moving

  • Prevent passenger from using tuning menu

  • Invisibility exploit for passengers when using tuning menu

  • vehShared error on Qbox

  • The massive number of errors when opening tuning app (you were missing the tuning = {} in your config, but it will no longer crash if this is missing)

  • Disabling tuning options now actually disables them

  • Vehicle lifts being in the wrong direction (hopefully fixed now)

Config Errors

No config changes! I just changed some defaults...


Some new locales were added that were previously missing!

Changed Files

  • client/cl-carlift.lua

  • client/cl-dyno.lua

  • client/cl-lightcontroller.lua

  • client/cl-minigames.lua

  • client/cl-mods.lua

  • client/cl-tablet.lua

  • client/cl-tuning.lua

  • framework/cl-functions.lua

  • framework/sv-functions.lua

  • server/sv-carlift.lua

  • server/sv-invoice.lua

  • server/sv-main.lua

  • server/sv-mods.lua

  • web (entire folder)

  • locales (translations modified)

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