Due to the number of files changed, the developer highly recommends that you perform a full reinstall of the script to ensure everything works smoothly!

Highly recommended update!


  • All remaining issues with vehicle spawning have been fixed

  • Option to revert back to client side spawning in emergencies (Config.DisableServerVehicleSpawning)

  • Fix bug where trailers with no seats wouldn't spawn

  • Fix bug where you would spawn inside the car in house garages

  • Fix bug with job/gang garage where vehicle keys would be assigned to the wrong plate

  • Job/gang vehicle liveries are also applied via mod #48 for compatibility with more vehicles


  • Transfer vehicle UI redesign

Changed Files

  • client/cl-gang-garage.lua

  • client/cl-garage.lua

  • client/cl-impound.lua

  • client/cl-job-garage.lua

  • client/cl-liveries-extras-menu.lua

  • client/cl-main.lua

  • config-cl.lua

  • config.lua

  • server/sv-main.lua

  • fxmanifest.lua

  • web (entire folder)

Just a heads up - you need to be on a server build 7290 or newer in order to use this update by default (there is a fallback config option in case you aren't able to for whatever reason) You should do this anyway for an extremely important security update! - https://runtime.fivem.net/artifacts/fivem/build_server_windows/master/

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