Vehicle Images

Only available in Dealerships v1.2 or newer

You can now show little vehicle thumbnails inside of the Dealerships UI, as you can see below. This will automatically stay up to date with the latest DLC vehicles.

To enable this feature, set Config.ShowVehicleImages = true

If you have addon vehicles, and are looking to add images for these vehicles too, it's super simple!

  1. There is a folder in the root of the script called vehicle_images

  2. Get a .png (has to be a png) of the addon vehicle (recommended 140x100px)

  3. Drag the .png into the vehicle_images folder

  4. Rename the file to the spawn code/model name of the vehicle - for example adder.png

Note: If you are using custom vehicle images within JG Advanced Garages, you don't need to duplicate them! JG Dealerships will automatically pull those images, so long as the feature is enabled within both scripts ๐Ÿงก

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