Quasar Garages

Inside of config-cl.lua Replace the existing top event (jg-dealerships:client:purchase-vehicle:config) with the following code:

RegisterNetEvent("jg-dealerships:client:purchase-vehicle:config", function(vehicle, plate, purchaseType, amount, paymentMethod, financed)
  local vhClass = GetVehicleClass(vehicle)
  local vhType = "car"
  if vhClass == 14 then vhType = "boat" end
  if vhClass == 15 or vhClass == 16 then vhType = "airplane" end

  TriggerServerEvent("jg-dealerships:server:qsgarages-type-update", vhType, plate)

and then inside of config-sv.lua add this new code, don't replace anything:

RegisterNetEvent("jg-dealerships:server:qsgarages-type-update", function(vhType, plate)
  MySQL.update.await("UPDATE owned_vehicles SET type = ? WHERE plate = ?", {vhType, plate})

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