Due to the number of files changed, the developer highly recommends that you perform a full reinstall of the script to ensure everything works smoothly!


  • Players are instanced on test drives by default (can be disabled)

  • Salesman's name is shown in the "Sales" tab of the dealer management UI (when using direct sale)

  • Spawn codes are validated when adding a new vehicle to /dealeradmin

  • Option to hide JG Scripts watermark

  • Update checker


  • Vehicle spawning updated to match Advanced Garages

  • Fail-safes to prevent getting stuck on the dreaded "Purchasing..." black screen

  • VehicleGeneratePlate will time out if no plate is found + improved code with new options

  • Fix multiple possible exploits where buttons could be spam-clicked or unauthorised events accessed

  • Vehicles with no seats can be purchased with crashing (trailers, etc.)

  • Vehicle sell prices are no longer based off the global price, and instead the dealer price

  • Refresh blips & text UI when job/gang changes

  • Prevent game crashing/memory leaks when spam clicking vehicles in showroom

  • Prevent players from becoming trapped in showroom (while server is online)

  • Fix /directsale breaking when vector4 is used for openShowroom

  • client:sell-vehicle:config now contains DeleteVehicle() so you can run custom code before the vehicle entity is deleted

  • Purchase vehicle events re-written and now open source

  • Fixed webhook incorrectly displaying all vehicles were purchased on finance

  • Fixed bug when setting immediate deliveries [Config.VehicleOrderTime = 0]

  • Keys are now removed when selling a vehicle

  • Remove a significant number of unnecessary SQL queries

  • Players are now instanced when entering the showroom

  • Fix minor UI bug where tables would have slightly jagged lines

Config Changes

Config.DisplayVehiclesHidePurchasePrompt = false
Config.DisplayVehiclesPurchasePromptDistance = 1
Config.TestDriveNotInBucket = false

SQL Changes

You MUST run the following SQL when you update:

ALTER TABLE dealership_sales ADD COLUMN seller varchar(255);

New Locales

spawnCodeInvalid = "Spawn code invalid"

Changed Files

  • client/cl-admin.lua

  • client/cl-blips.lua

  • client/cl-display-vehicles.lua

  • client/cl-main.lua

  • client/cl-purchase.lua

  • client/cl-sell-vehicle.lua

  • client/cl-showroom.lua

  • client/cl-test-drive.lua

  • config-cl.lua

  • framework/cl-functions.lua

  • framework/esx/cl-esx.lua

  • framework/main.lua

  • framework/qb/cl-qb.lua

  • framework/sv-functions.lua

  • fxmanifest.lua

  • run-esx.sql

  • run-qb.sql

  • server/sv-admin.lua

  • server/sv-direct-sales.lua

  • server/sv-employees.lua

  • server/sv-finance.lua

  • server/sv-main.lua

  • server/sv-management.lua

  • server/sv-purchase.lua

  • server/sv-sell-vehicle.lua

  • server/sv-showroom.lua

  • server/sv-test-drive.lua

  • server/sv-version-check.lua

  • web (entire folder)

  • locales (translations modified)

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