• Fix: Vehicle sell issue

  • Toggleable vehicle sell and percentage configurable for each dealership

  • Added exposed function for vehicle sell (example: running an event after the vehicle is sold) configurable in config-cl.lua

New Config Options within Dealership:

  • Add these config options into each dealership

enableSellVehicle = true, 
sellVehiclePercent = 0.6,  -- 60% of vehicle sale price

Configurator Updates

Configurator has the marker issue fixed, new available locales added + updated for new sell vehicle config options with each Dealership.

Files Changed

  • client/cl-blips.lua

  • client/cl-sell-vehicle.lua

  • server/sv-sell-vehicle.lua

  • server/sv-main.lua

  • config-cl.lua-> new event ("jg-dealerships:client:sell-vehicle:config")

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