Installation & Configuration


  1. Unzip the jg-dealerships-bundle

  2. Drag both jg-dealerships and jg-textui into either your [qb] or [esx_addons] folder within your server. If you don't plan on using our new default Text UI, you don't need to transfer it to your server, and you can choose a different Text UI script in the config!

  3. Run either run-qb.sql pr run-esx.sql from within your MySQL database depending on the framework you are using.

You should probably disable qb-vehicleshop or esx_vehicleshop because there will be location clashes ;)


Now comes the fun part, configuring the script to your servers needs. No need to mess with any code - we have an awesome new configuration tool, that makes it a breeze:

To use the tool, simply change the settings to your preference, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the big blue "Generate config.lua" button.

You can then move the downloaded config.lua file into the root of the jg-dealershipsresource, replacing the existing one. To modify your config.lua in the future or after an update, you can import it by clicking "Import existing config" at the top of the page. You can then make changes to it and re-generate when you're finished.


Scripts are more fun when they work with others! See a full list of supported integrations and how to get them set up here: Integrations

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