HIGHLY recommended update!


Handling code has been completely reworked! Special thanks to @You Like Dabs for helping me get to the bottom of some of the more complex issues. Furthermore, any code that touches vehicle handling at all has been moved into a new, unencrypted file called cl-handling.lua. This should give you maximum flexibility in the case you have a complex vehicle setup and need to ensure there are no conflicts with our systems.


  • Fix issue where tablet based tuning wouldn't save when the customer inserted the vehicle into a garage (statebag not replicated)

  • Fix issue where only 1 inventory item would be taken when applying orders requiring multiple parts


  • Added ped holding tablet animation when using the tablet

  • Some tweaks to the carlift model + code to improve reliability and prevent prop falling through the map

Changed Files

  • client/cl-carlift.lua

  • client/cl-handling.lua

  • client/cl-main.lua

  • client/cl-minigames.lua

  • client/cl-orders.lua

  • client/cl-servicing.lua

  • client/cl-stancer.lua

  • client/cl-tablet.lua

  • client/cl-tuning.lua

  • client/cl-vehicleprops.lua

  • fxmanifest.lua

  • server/sv-carlift.lua

  • shared/main.lua

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