Due to the number of files changed, the developer highly recommends that you perform a full reinstall of the script to ensure everything works smoothly!

Now requires ox_lib to run - click here to download it Features


  • Refreshed codebase, using ox_lib, cleaner code & better practices

  • Performance improves with showroom caching and more efficient database queries

  • Preview vehicle images in Showroom (like Advanced Garages)

  • Rewritten spawning logic and ability to toggle CreateVehicleServerSetter

  • Full native Qbox support (with Qbox vehicle importing!) - I love Qbox <3

  • Configure custom vehicle colours (hex) for purchases & display vehicles

  • Showroom camera can now be configured with a custom heading

  • Prevent shooting in test drives

  • Can change chat command names in config


  • Integration with Advanced Garages v3 (as a heads up, v3 will require this release to work)

  • AdvancedParking integration

  • okokBanking integration

  • MrNewbVehicleKeys & Renewed keys integrations


  • Fix issue where vehicles would have a blank props JSON after purchase

  • Fix withdraw/deposit NUI exploit

  • Fix ability to bypass ShowroomJobWhitelist with display vehicles

  • Removed escrowed framework-specific code for better compatibility with modified frameworks

  • Stopped forcing the plate index to be 0

  • Prevented breaking in to display vehicles

  • Improved license plate generator

  • Lots of small bugs & issues squashed


There are a lot of changes to the config.lua file including a change to coords. Recommend re-configuring the script from scratch (now inside of the config folder). Configurator update coming soon. Database No database changes!

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