Plate Format

Requires Dealerships v1.1.5 or newer

When players purchase a new vehicle, you can customise the vehicle license plate that will be generated for them. Your car plate can have letters, numbers, and spaces. It should be up to 8 characters long.

How to Write Your Plate Format

  • Use A for any random letter.

  • Use 1 for any random number.

  • Want a specific letter or number always to show up? Put a ^ before it.


  • All Random Letters: AAAAAAAA gives something like GHTPAXZQ.

  • Mix of Letters, Spaces and Numbers: AA11 1AA makes something like GH49 8KJ.

  • Fixed Letter or Number: ^Z123 A^B1 always has Z at the start and B in the second part, like Z456 XB4.

    • For example in the UK, you would have a fixed year section, and therefore you could use AA^2^4 AAA -> which would give something like MA24 UAW.

Quick Steps

  1. Open the config.lua file

  2. Find Config.PlateFormat

  3. Change it using A for letters, 1 for numbers, and ^ for fixed characters.


If you're a developer and would like more control, the function is open source (Framework.Server.VehicleGeneratePlate) and can be found in framework/sv-functions.lua

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