Liveries not saving

This is a fix for Benny's (qb-customs), not JG Advanced Garages. You will need to take your vehicle to Benny's and re-apply the livery for your existing vehicles in order for this to take effect!

This is an issue that can be fixed by making a small modification to qb-core

  1. Go to [qb]/qb-core/client/functions.lua

  2. Search (by pressing CTRL+F) for the code below and remove it:

and GetVehicleLivery(vehicle) ~= 0

The function you modified should now look like this:

local modLivery = GetVehicleMod(vehicle, 48)
if GetVehicleMod(vehicle, 48) == -1 then
   modLivery = GetVehicleLivery(vehicle)

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